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The Essential Guide to Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Half-day course

£ 229 +VAT per person

£ 229 +VAT
per person

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The Essential Guide to Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Half-day course

Course prices:

Classroom: £229 +VAT per person

Course overview

The introduction of mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting in the UK in 2017 is one of the biggest changes facing employers in recent years. If your organisation employs more than 250 people, then your HR and payroll teams must now comply with the new regulations which came into force on 6th April 2017. If you pay your staff bonuses, then you should have access to data from April 2016 onwards. Publication of the first statistics must take place by 4th April 2018 and you need to make sure you understand the background to the statistics before you publish them and then plan and communicate any remedial action.  

This course is a detailed guide to the Gender Pay Gap Reporting regulations.  It will give you a comprehensive understanding and strategic view of the many complex tasks you need to complete to comply with the new rules and avoid  financial and reputational damage. Many of these tasks will need manual intervention as there is little functionality in payroll or HR products to assist you.

What will you learn?

  • What is the background to GPGR?
  • What are the main causes of differences in pay?
  • To whom will the new regulations apply?
  • How is ‘pay’ defined by the regulations?
  • What do the regulations say about bonuses?
  • Are benefits-in-kind covered?
  • When must you start collecting data?
  • How must the data be collected?
  • What is the correct way to calculate the pay gap?
  • Is the cause of the pay gap important?
  • Can a pay gap be justified?
  • What other data must be collected for reporting?
  • How must the information be reported?
  • What are the key dates for gathering data and publishing your reports?
  • How must the information be published?
  • Can the pay of existing employees be increased or decreased to close a gap?
  • What should be included in an Equal Pay Action Plan?
  • Where can you draw upon examples of best practice?

Who should attend?

HR and payroll professionals and advisors; Company Secretaries; Finance Directors; Managing Directors, CEOs and all people who deal with staff remuneration and benefits.

It will help anyone who has a responsibility for payroll, HR, financial control or remuneration to understand what they should be doing, now and in the future.

Extra benefits

  • An exclusive GPGR action plan to help you prepare
  • A course pack containing the information presented on the day
  • A certificate of attendance

Course presenters

  • Kate Upcraft

    Kate is a renowned conference speaker and writer on legislative issues, including tax and National Insurance, benefits and the whole range of employer compliance responsibilities. She undertakes consultancy work with employers, assisting them with topics such as payroll health checks, RTI and auto-enrolment, systems selection and departmental re-engineering.

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