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UK VAT and International Services

4-hour course  |  4 CPD hours

£269 +VAT per person

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UK VAT and International Services

4-hour course

Course overview

Many UK businesses supply services to customers outside the UK. Equally, they may receive services from overseas suppliers. The rules which apply to the treatment of VAT in these situations are complex.

This half day course focuses on the complex rules which apply to the treatment of VAT related to international services, clearly explaining how to account for the VAT on these services - using illustrative examples throughout. The course guides you through the general rules and the reverse charge procedure in detail, before moving on to look at the various exceptions to the general rule.

If you also deal with goods, you may be interested in our full day course, UK VAT and International Trade.

What will you learn?

  • What is the general rule for supplies of services and when does it apply?
  • How does the reverse charge operate?
  • How do you make out an invoice to an overseas customer?
  • How may the reverse charge affect you if you receive a service from an overseas supplier?
  • How are land-related services treated?
  • What happens if your business supplies training or exhibition services abroad?
  • How do you account for VAT on work carried out on other people’s goods?
  • What is the VAT treatment if you supply intermediary services?
  • How does VAT apply to intra-EU freight services?
  • Why is there usually no VAT on consultancy services between traders in different countries?
  • How is all this dealt with on the VAT Return?
  • How do you account for the reverse charge if your business makes exempt as well as taxable supplies?
  • How do you complete an EC Sales List?
  • Can your business reclaim VAT incurred in other EU countries?
  • What are the procedures and time limits for submitting reclaims?
  • What about VAT incurred in countries outside the EU?

Extra benefits

  • An exclusive eBook, 'UK VAT and International Trade - the Complete Guide', only available to delegates
  • A course pack containing the information presented on the day
  • A certificate of attendance