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Course overview

Note: This course will be available to access from the week commencing 2nd November

This year has been extremely challenging for employers, in particular navigating all the welcome, but complex, financial support measures offered by the Government. For HR and payroll professionals this has meant understanding the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and the inevitable compliance activity given its cost to the UK taxpayer.  Now the attention is turning to the Job Retention Bonus Scheme (JRBS), Kickstart and newly announced Job Support Scheme (JSS). 

During this 90 minute on-demand course our expert presenter, Kate Upcraft, will guide you through all these schemes, particularly focusing on compliance to ensure you minimise the risk that monies will have to be repaid and your reputation damaged.  HMRC have already begun the checking process, sending out tens of thousands of letters querying CJRS grant claims, so it's absolutely crucial that you have a good understanding of the schemes you use. 

This important update will give you the confidence that at least in payroll terms 2020 does not hold any more unwelcome surprises!

What will you learn?

The following areas will be covered...

  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)
    • What is the current status of the CJRS?
    • What are the issues and problems? What have we learned?
    • How can you be sure your systems are fully compliant with HMRC’s requirements?
    • What should you be looking out for and what will HMRC demand to see?
    • How does the CJRS interact with statutory leave and pay? What about holidays?
    • Who is responsible for decisions taken on furloughing and claims?
  • Job Support Scheme (JSS)
    • Which organisations are eligible for the JSS?
    •  How much is available to claim?
    • How are the wage calculations made?
    • What does the grant cover?
    • What is the application process?
    • How is the scheme administered?
    • What checks will HMRC undertake?
    • Thinking ahead, what should you be planning for if you intend to use the scheme?
  • Job Retention Bonus Scheme (JRBS)
    • What is the purpose of the JRBS?
    • Which employers are eligible to apply?
    • How does the scheme work?
    • What are the timescales?
    • How much can you claim for your employees?
    • What do you need to do now, if you intend to make a claim?
  • Kickstart
    • What is the Kickstart scheme intended to achieve?
    • Who is eligible for funding?
    • How are applications made and processed?
    • What information do you need to collate before applying?
    • What can you use the funding for and how will it be audited?
  • HMRC: Compliance and enforcement
    • What enforcement powers do they possess?
    • What do we know about HMRC’s priorities for enforcement and targeting?
    • How should you respond to a formal letter from HMRC?
    • How can you prepare for an audit or inspection?
    • What penalties can be imposed if HMRC decide that your claim is fraudulent or misleading?

Who should attend?

The course is crucial for people with any Payroll or HR responsibility within an organisation that has, or intends to, make use of any of the Government’s employment support schemes. Whether you run your payroll in-house or outsource it to an agent – you will benefit a great deal from attending this course.

It is also perfect for the payroll agents themselves, who are looking to ensure that the payroll service they are providing for their clients is fully compliant.

The course assumes some prior understanding of payroll or HR. 

Extra benefits

  • course pack containing the information presented on the day
  • certificate of attendance

Course presenters