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A must attend for those who trade internationally…

Posted on 29 July 2021SharePrint

This year one of our most popular courses has been UK VAT and International Trade. Presented by expert Kevin Guy, who has been delivering courses for over 20 years, the course carefully guides delegates through the current rules and the recent changes due to Brexit. A diverse range of organisations have attended to seek clarity on the VAT rules, which they gain through the presenter’s vast knowledge and practical examples which he utilizes throughout.

How has Brexit impacted the course?

The impact of Brexit has been at the forefront of delegates' minds this year and the course is regularly updated to reflect the latest HMRC guidance. Kevin uses his expertise to help attendees understand the most significant changes and the new procedures available, such as postponed VAT accounting and the One Stop Shop. Additionally, delegates will understand the VAT simplifications which are no longer available and require many organisations to register in other member states.

Lively interaction from the audience means that delegates benefit from hearing the real-life challenges and experiences of other attendees.

What have been delegates main concerns over recent months?

Concerns of delegates often reflect the nature of the supplies they are involved in, whether this be goods, services or both. When we spoke to Kevin about delegate experiences, he felt most had an awareness where changes have occurred, but needed to better understand how to practically apply them within their organisation.  Delegates are eager to know how changes affect existing accounting systems and the completion of the VAT return and its associated statistical changes.

Consistently strong feedback

Despite the varied nature of the delegates and their many issues, we always try to make sure they leave the course with clarity and confidence on what they need to do. This is reflected in the feedback we receive, with 98.5% of delegates rating the course content as 'Excellent' or 'Good'. Here are just some of the recent comments from delegates:

"Very helpful and informative - the presenter was clear and knowledgeable on the subject and has resolved any issues or worries I may have had. I would recommend this course to anyone."

"The online format was very powerful. The flow of questions was very useful and well managed. It felt very personal and I liked the dual presenters of David and Kevin. I got a huge amount of value from the course."

"This course has been so useful and covered all of the areas that I wanted it to cover. Love the double act of Kevin and David ."

"Great content and very well delivered. Improved my basic knowledge and given me the fundamentals to review our current supply streams and how to process them correctly."

"Would highly recommend this course! It was super in-depth and answered everything I was hoping it would. Having someone asking the audience questions at an appropriate point was perfect to help understand everything."

"The course content covered all important and relevant topics. The content was presented in a very good way, with lots of scenarios, opportunities to ask questions, and answers to the questions. I am very impressed that the presenter managed to answer so many questions and cover all of the topics. I am very pleased with both the presenter and the coordinator."

How can you benefit from Kevin’s extensive knowledge?

Kevin presents UK VAT and International Trade live online, in the classroom and also in-house.  To find out more about future dates and book your places, please click here.

He also presents The Essentials of UK VAT, The VAT Update and more recently Brexit: EU Imports and Exports in 2021.