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Course Talk: Helping People Understand Employment Law Online

Posted on 3 August 2021SharePrint

Recently, I was pleased to deliver the first live online presentation of The Essentials of Employment Law. Although the Covid restrictions have prevented us from using our usual public venues, UK Training has still been able to present most of our 40+ courses from our custom built studio here in Formby. This has been a tremendous help both for us and our attendees, who still require our essential training, during a very challenging time.

The employment law landscape continues to evolve...

Many people and businesses have felt the impact and changes brought about by the pandemic. Despite the many changes to the way people are working, employment law still continues to apply and employees have the same rights in the workplace as before.  Particularly important at the moment are issues around sickness leave and pay and amending contracts. The impact of employing overseas workers is also a major factor to consider as the post-Brexit immigration rules begin to have a real impact. Many employers are struggling to fill vacancies and need to understand the laws governing the right to work in the UK as well as laws regarding fair recruitment.

What I try to do on my course is take people on a journey, beginning with the pre-employment prep, the recruitment steps, managing in the workplace and the end of employment relationship.

Bringing the course online...

My classroom sessions are very interactive and I like to get the audience involved and enjoying themselves. I thought this would be a challenge to replicate online but my co-host, David Smith, did an excellent job of corralling the attendees and putting their questions over to me. As well as adapting the classroom exercises for online delivery, we also took the opportunity to use the technical facilities to introduce some fun new quiz elements, which was all very well received by the people attending.

The audience for our first online presentation was made up of HR and finance directors, various personnel roles, company secretaries, legal counsel and business owners. They represented a good cross-section of the economy including, financial services, manufacturing, construction, health, real estate and education.

Comments in the feedback afterwards included the following…

"Spot on! This was only my second course with UK Training but I have to say I’m impressed."

"The online format worked better than I anticipated. The interaction between the host and presenter made it dynamic and enjoyable."

"I found the course really useful and very helpful. There were a lot of points to think about, review and update in the office."

There are of course, several benefits to delivering the training online. I’m sure many people were able to save money on train fares and hotels, others maybe found time to do necessary work tasks in the morning as the course was delivered over two afternoons. The online option also made it easier for those people in more remote locations to attend the course.  I was delighted to welcome attendees from Aberdeenshire for example.

How can you benefit from this training?

If you would like to try the online version of 'The Essentials of Employment Law' then you can sign up for the next course on 2nd and 3rd November. If, all being well, you would like to join me in the classroom then I would be delighted to meet you in London on 16th November. See here for full details.

Written by Paul Murphy
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