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Trading with the EU after Brexit - The importance of achieving AEO status

Posted on 30 August 2018SharePrint

Are you at the front of the queue when exporting or importing goods?

With Britain’s exit from the European Union set for 29th March 2019, over the next 12 months you are likely to hear a lot more about the importance of having Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Status. If the Brexit negotiations result in the UK being outside the EU Customs Union, UK companies that trade with other EU countries will no longer benefit from free movement of goods and will most likely become subject to normal import/export rules. There are fears that this will result in major delays and queues for UK companies when goods reach borders for customs checks and declarations.

To reduce the impact of this, the UK government is urging businesses to apply for AEO status. This internationally recognised status certifies that your supply chain is secure, and that your customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. Organisations with this status are considered to be trusted traders and amongst other benefits, their goods will be fast-tracked through customs control.

The UK government intends to continue AEO certification on a national basis after Brexit and aims to negotiate mutual recognition with the EU - meaning UK companies with AEO status will be able to access key customs facilitations and reduce the potentially substantial administrative burdens and delays.

To achieve AEO status and be recognised as a trusted-trader, UK businesses go through an application process with HMRC. The application process is complex, time consuming and requires dedicated people to manage the process, but the commercial benefits should be significant. You should find trading with your overseas customers far quicker than those that do not have AEO status…putting you ahead of competitors.

How can UK Training help?

Like all things that are new to you, you need guidance from people with experience and a proven track record in the area. Our brand new course and expert presenter, will help you understand the benefits of the scheme, guide you through the application process and enable your organisation to achieve and crucially, maintain its AEO status. The course will also highlight the pitfalls that companies typically experience and explain how to avoid delays and mistakes.

To find out more about the course and its presenter and to view the upcoming dates, please go to this page. If you have 6+ people who require the training, you may wish to consider our in-house training option too - contact us for more information.