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Course Talk: Minute Taking Made Easy

Posted on 22 August 2017SharePrint

Phil Davis gives delegates a masterclass in minute taking

I was delighted recently to attend one of our brand new courses, Minute Taking – Your Essential Guide, presented for the first time for UK Training by Phil Davis. I was immediately struck by the enthusiastic welcome that Phil gave every delegate as they arrived – an infectious enthusiasm that he maintained right to the end.

Phil has a very dramatic presentation style and uses various techniques to get across the valuable nuggets of information and learning points that he had to share. It was a style that kept the attention and engagement of the audience who had a fun day and ended with a round of applause. One delegate told me that whatever course Phil was presenting next, she would attend!

Who attended the course?

There was a real mix of delegates on the course - some were experienced minute takers who wanted to make sure they were getting it right and pick up tips about different ways of doing things. Others were new to the role and were eager to absorb as much helpful advice and information as they could, learning not only from Phil but also from other delegates.

There was also a mix of roles, there were a few company secretaries, PAs, NHS secretaries and people from both the public and private sectors. Phil has tailored the course very carefully to make sure that people get something out of it, no matter what their occupation or reason for attending.

How did the presenter use his experience to help the attendees?

Phil has decades' worth of experience of minute taking - he has written a book on the subject and delivered training to hundreds of different organisations. This enabled him to back up the importance of the points he was making with some interesting and amusing first-hand anecdotes.

He also related this experience to current events. Having been involved in legal cases where the minutes counted as prima facie evidence, he outlined what was likely to happen to one well-known London authority in the aftermath of a recent disaster and how important the minutes would be in identifying the possible causes.

Other features of the course...

The entire day was a carefully balanced mix of effective training techniques. Phil used a variety of creative activities that generated excellent contributions from the delegates and kept the energy and enthusiasm flowing throughout the day.

Phil's passion for the subject was infectious and clear for all to see. This meant that everybody took part in the activities with the same level of enthusiasm and interest. A really good day was had by all.

When is this course being presented again?

The next presentation of this course will be in London on 21st November at Hamilton House, a short walk from Euston or King’s Cross stations. This is likely to be a popular event so if you wish to attend do make sure you book your places early.

To book places on this course, please go to this page or call us on 0800 435 772.

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