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Course overview

The UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU will have significant ramifications on UK VAT and all businesses with a UK VAT registration. It seems inevitable that they will be unable to benefit from the single market and the trading relationship between UK companies and their EU suppliers and customers will change dramatically. There will also be changes domestically – with HMRC gaining full control, enabling the UK to set its own rules and rates.

This crucial half-day course will give you a detailed insight into which areas of VAT will be affected by the withdrawal, what the likely outcomes are and what you will need to do in order to be well prepared for the inevitable changes. It will address the VAT issues that UK businesses will be challenged by when the formal negotiations are complete for the UK to leave the EU. It will look at what is likely change in respect of UK VAT legislation and how cross-border trade with EU companies will be affected.

What will you learn?

  • What is the EU?
  • Why is it almost inevitable that by withdrawing from the EU, UK companies will not enjoy the benefits of the single market?
  • How will the UK be able to change its VAT laws and VAT rates?
  • Will UK companies find it more difficult to sell goods to customers in the EU?
  • Will goods purchased by UK companies from suppliers in the EU be subject to import tax?
  • Will trade between the UK and the EU continue to be tariff-free?
  • Will UK companies lose the benefits of simplification in ‘triangular’ transactions?
  • How will the supplies of services be affected?
  • Will there be more circumstances where UK companies need to register for VAT in EU countries?
  • Will UK companies that are registered for VAT in EU countries have to appoint fiscal representatives in those countries?
  • How will the completion of EC Sales Lists and Intrastat returns be affected?
  • Will UK companies still be able to use the EU VAT Refund Scheme or will they have to revert to ‘13th Directive’ claims?
  • Will UK companies have to abide by ECJ decisions on contentious VAT issues?

Extra benefits

  • A course pack containing the information presented on the day
  • A certificate of attendance

Course presenters