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Course talk - David Hooper helps people understand the EU-UK trade deal & the rules of origin...

Posted on 31 March 2021SharePrint

Earlier this month I was able to attend David Hooper’s first presentation of our brand new online course, The EU-UK Trade Deal & the Rules of Origin. The course received excellent feedback, with one delegate commenting that it "Made an impossible subject fun" . This course helps people understand how the EU-UK trade deal (TCA) affects the movement of goods between the EU and the UK – with particular focus on the challenging rules of origin. It explains that for goods to move from the UK to the EU tariff-free, they must have originated in the UK and similarly for goods that move from EU to the UK tariff-free, that they must have originated in the EU.  

Prior to 1st January 2021, goods could be imported into an EU member and move freely around the EU Single Market, but now that the UK has left the EU the picture is very different. If goods were imported from say China into Germany and then to the UK before being exported to the ultimate customer in the Republic of Ireland, they would only be subject to customs declarations and possible duties when moving from China to Germany. But now, customs declarations and possible duties are also required when the goods move from Germany to the UK and also when they move from the UK to the Republic of Ireland. This type of scenario is one of many that the course clearly illustrates.

Developing the course...

David worked closely with our online team to design and develop this course and delivered it alongside our co-presenter and host, David Smith. As with all our online training, delegates were able to fully participate in the form of polls and scenarios, and questions were encouraged throughout. The combination of subject expert and host meant that questions were dealt with at appropriate times during the course. This helped ensure the flow was not disrupted, but delegates were able to get their important questions answered - and everyone was extremely grateful for this. It was also evident that many delegates were experiencing similar issues and welcomed the opportunity to share their experiences: "Really good that we could interact and ask questions, it was reassuring that a lot of people seem to be having similar issues to ours".

More about the presenter…

David Hooper is the Managing Director of Hooper and Co International Trade Consultancy Ltd and also a Director and founder of Independent Freight Solutions Ltd. His experience and vast knowledge on the subject shone through, particularly in the ease at which he dealt with the many complex questions: "Very knowledgeable presenter with clear guidance". David was also very complimentary of his first experience of working with UK Training and said that we took online training to a ‘whole new level’ and that the courses are more like productions.

I am very proud of the quality of another course produced by the online team - well done everyone!

By Stephen Smith
Managing Director, UK Training (Worldwide) Limited